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April 28 , 2012: Hispanics in Philanthropy GameChangers Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Panelist, "Latino Media Now." Also featuring Giselle Fernandez, Juan Gonzalez, Monica Lozano and Chris Peña..  
March 16, 2012: Asian American Writers Workshop 'After 1989' series, Brooklyn, NY. Panelist, " Why can't we all just get along?" Also featuring Jeff Chang, Hua Hsu and Jay Smooth.  
February 15, 2012: Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. Panelist, "Rap Sessions: Rebirth of a Nation: Gender and Racial Politics in Today's Media." Also featuring John Jennings, Bakari Kitwana, Joan Morgan and Mark Anthony Neal.  
February 1, 2012: Lafayette College, Easton, PA. Panelist, "Rap Sessions: Hip-hop activism in the Obama/ Tea Party Era." Also featuring Rob Biko Baker, Liz Havstad, Bakari Kitwana, James Braxton Peterson,  and Jasiri X.  
July 7, 2010: Campus Progress National Conference, Washington D.C.. Panelist, "President Hip-Hop: The hip-hop political agenda in the Obama era." Also featuring Bakari Kitwana, Joan Morgan and Michael Skolnik.  
June 7, 2010: America's Future Now Conference, Washington, D.C.. Panelist, "Politics Beyond the Beltway: What youth are talking on the block."  Also featuring Rob Biko Baker, Chloe A. Hilliard, and Tarik Ross  
March 27, 2010: Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. Speaker, “Ladies First: Women in hip hop symposium.” Also featuring Amanda Diva, Latoya Peterson and Cornel West.    
January 20, 2010: WNYC's The Greene Space, New York, NY. Moderator, “The People's Inauguration.” Panelists: Kahlil Almustafa, Rosa Clemente, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Skolnik, and Reverend John Vaughn.  
October 30, 2009: New York University, New York, NY. Moderator, “Say My Name: Female artists in hip hop.” Panelists: Logan Coles, Nona Hendryx,  Brian “B. Dot” Miller, Tachelle Wilkes and Angela Yee.       
April 8, 2009: El Puente Community Center, Brooklyn, NY. Panelist, “Everybody’s Business: A town hall forum on domestic violence.” Panelists: Piper Anderson, Daniel Jose Holder, Carmen Rivera, Candido Tirado.